Residential Construction Keying 
RCK system, involves a single key, replicated tobe used by tradesmen for all homes during the construction phase. Building companies will be supplied 25 keys free (additional keys by negotiation), which can be reused on future houses/apartments. Each building company receives a personalised RCK system, so no two building companies have the same keys. When the new homeowner takes over the house, they are presented with their own keys, which when used automatically resets the lock cylinder,making the RCK inoperable and providing the homeowner with their own unique combination.

Master Keying 
Master Keying is a method of controlling access through a building. A key schedule is prepared from provided floor plans. Includes a key tracking system which locates keys and locks and keeps a secure procedure on what keying has been undertaken. Security is based on a system where one lock has its own key. This key will not operate any other locks in the system however where all locks are in the same system the locks can be operated by the one
master key.