Tangshan - Heibei, China

June 20th, 2011


Product used:

  • Bocom

For an economically powerful Chinese city of over seven million inhabitants, safety and surveillance is a massive challenge. Allegion (China) with our Bocom brand, had the right solution to meet this challenge for the people of Tangshan city in Heibei province.


This massive “safe city” project involves over 4,000 cameras and 15 sets of vehicle recognition systems to create a giant digital video surveillance network that provides local law enforcement and other government agencies visibility throughout the community.


In many other large projects like this, surveillance systems are installed gradually but for the Tangshan project the entire system will be installed at the same time, making this the largest and most complex installation project for our China team. One example of Bocom’s innovation is the system’s quick video playback feature. Video footage can be played-back immediately, instead of having to retrieve footage from an offsite system, allowing faster reactions to crime and crime prevention. The Bocom brand is highly experienced in major event and venue security, having been chosen as the security provider for the 2001 Shanghai APEC Summit, the 2006 Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, the 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games, the 2008 Beijing Olympics World Summer Games and the 2010 Shanghai EXPO.