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The physical environment of a healthcare facility is the foundation of all that occurs in it. We believe optimising a healthcare facility’s physical environment can have a direct link to improved patient health and safety. It also ensures physician and staff safety, security and performance; increasing operational efficiencies and financial outcomes.



Some of our leading solutions for the healthcare sector are highlighted below:


Reduced Swing Doorsets

Saving space and allowing wider access


A large amount of space can be wasted in allowing for the opening swing of a door, and given that space is usually at a premium, it is important for healthcare facilities to maximise the usage of space. Legge’s Reduced Swing Doorsets help mitigate this issue significantly, as it uses standard doorframes but only occupies a third of the space when open, compared to a surface or pocket sliding door. The opening action of the Reduced Swing Doorset also provides greater accessibility for people with disabilities, and the easy folding and gliding system enables these doors to open with little or no effort. The reduction in swing area eliminates the need to manoeuvre out of the way, and results in smoothness of operation that provides a greater ease of use.


Readers and credentials

Networked access control for sensitive areas


Healthcare facilities have higher security areas such as pharmacies, patient records, and medical supplies, which require a higher level of security and restricted access. These sensitive areas in a facility require records of when and by whom the area was accessed. They also need to stop any unauthorised access to these areas. With the help of networked access control with real-time management and monitoring, all sensitive areas in a facility can be made secure for both patients and staff. Allegion’s aptiQ™ and XceedID® line of multi-technology readers with their open architecture platform, are well suited for controlling access to sensitive areas. These versatile readers are capable of interfacing with many systems and security products currently on the market to provide you with the security you need now, and support for future developments. Using either highly secure smart card option or traditional proximity technology, Allegion has a solution suitable for nearly any situation.


Cam-Action door closers

Easy opening, reliable closing


Healthcare facilities need to be easily accessible for everyone including the young, old and those with disabilities. Door closers used in healthcare facilities need to be smooth and with minimal resistance and an even closing force throughout the entire door cycle. Briton’s 2700 Series Cam-Action door closers are AS1428.1 (Australian Standards for access and mobility) compliant with an opening force of less than 20N. They are designed for high use internal areas requiring lighter operational forces, which makes them the perfect solution for hospitals, aged-care facilities, and childcare facilities.


Privacy Plus

Electronic access control solutions


En-suites in healtcare and aged care facilities often have multiple access points which require synchronised locking control system to ensure that occupants sharing an en-suite or room have access to privacy with the push of a button. Legge’s Privacy Plus is designed for managing rooms with multiple access points in a simple and secure manner with just one controller. The system is reset once the door handle has been used, ensuring access for others to the shared space. It can be configured to four different functions depending on the degree of privacy and security required.


Recent projects


Some of our recent projects include:

  • Perth Children’s Hospital
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Box Hill Hospital
  • Ipswich Hospital

Why Allegion?

  • Proven and reliable solutions that address your most critical and unique needs
  • Dedicated resources that work with you to plan, execute, and continuously improve
  • Security management and code compliance expertise
  • A trusted partner that can help you select the right solution for today, while laying the
  • groundwork for where you want to be tomorrow
  • Innovative solutions backed by world-class service and support