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Education facilities are entrusted with enriching minds and preparing students for the future. Apart from educating, it is incumbent on each facility to provide a safe and secure learning environment. Allegion’s application expertise and wide range of product offerings are specifically designed to cater for the needs of this vital industry sector.



Some of our leading solutions for the education sector are highlighted below:


Mortice locks and door furniture

Safe and secure


Doors in schools and universities require various types of locking functions based on various applications. Securing a common area, for example, varies greatly from a classroom or an administrative area. Locks used at educational facilities need to be adaptable and strong enough to provide high performance. With an extensive range of lock functions, the Legge 990 multi-function locks are perfect for the rigorous demands of educational facilities.

Legge’s 700 Series anti-vandal door furniture, has been designed to work in perfect combination with Legge 990 Series mortice locks. Just like the locking solution, this door furniture is also designed for strength and ease of use, which is essential for the high volume usage experienced throughout educational facilities.


Exit devices

Safer entries and exits


Perimeter entries in schools are typically high-traffic openings that must balance the need for access control and lockdown, with accessibility and freedom of movement. Schools anduniversities need to provide perimeter doors that are egress compliant at all times. Von Duprin’s range of exit devices are designed for high-traffic areas and are easy to open from the inside, especially in the event of an emergency requiring a panic egress. Von Duprin also provides a range of exit devices that operate silently for areas like theatres and auditoriums. For external access these exit devices come with keying options, so that no one can enter the building without proper credentials. Electronic options are available as well for automatic operation, which can be coordinated with the building’s alarm systems or scheduled access management.


Door closers

Ease of operation for corridor doors


Corridors are among the most commonly traversed areas in school buildings. Designed to facilitate high traffic areas, corridor doors link academic areas to large spaces such as gyms, auditoriums or lecture halls. Additionally, they serve as a barrier from one area of a building to another. They face daily abuse through constant use, so reliable operation is a critical component for these doors. LCN door closers are ideally suited for this type of high-traffic environment. LCN 4040XP and 1460/1461 Series are the highest performing heavy duty closer range with no equal. Their cast iron design is engineered for long-lasting performance and reliability, matched by their 30 year mechanical warranty. Their wide range of adjustability makes them ideal for all applications. This range of door closers complies with AS1428.1 (Australian Standards for access and mobility), which makes door openings easy.


Why Allegion?

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