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Open rail sliding door system trending with Kiwi homeowners


You may have noticed recently that traditionally styled ‘open rail’ sliding doors (where the system is hung from the rail and open rather than concealed) are trending in new homes and renovations. What you may not know is that unlike similar systems from the past, these new sliding door products have high quality rail systems which use precision bearings and nylon tyres, creating a super-smooth and almost silent action, making the door very easy to open and close.



Brio have a comprehensive range of products in this category, encompassing everything from uncomplicated systems designed for timber doors up to 80kg, right up to high-end heavy duty stainless steel systems which can move glass panels or large doors weighing up to 150kg.



The latest system in the Brio Open Rail range is the Open Bar Rail 80. It is a simple design in comparison with the other Brio Open Rail systems, however this simplicity makes the Open Bar Rail 80 both affordable and practical to install. And while the Open Bar Rail 80 is the most economical choice in the Brio range, when you push the door along the rails and view the high quality powder-coated finish of its components, you will see that it is a system that will stand the test of time.

For many, the real highlight of the Open Bar Rail 80 is its antique charm and this characteristic has made it a very popular choice for homeowners who are looking to add a vintage touch to their new home or renovation. Both the quality of the product and its visual impact have been amply demonstrated in this Christchurch home - the owner had two of the systems installed in the living area and one installed at the entrance to the main bathroom, and she is thrilled with the results



For home builders or renovators who are interested in sustainability or are after a rustic look, recycled timber doors can be matched with the Brio Open Bar Rail 80 to great effect. The Open Bar Rail 80 currently comes in two finishes, Matte Black and Satin Stainless Steel. If you are looking for more of a contemporary look, check out the extended Open Rail range of systems which may be suitable for your requirements.


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