With increased urbanisation and immigration in Australia, the popularity of multi-family apartments are on the rise. Allegion’s range of solutions provides convenient and reliable products, combining advanced security with ease of use.

Some of our leading solutions for apartment buildings are highlighted below:


Electromagnetic locks

Superior holding force for common areas


Apartment common areas require a locking system that is strong, yet discreet. They need to be able to keep strangers out, while at the same time keeping children and pets from getting out. Any outside locks will need to withstand intruder tampering. FSH’s MEM2400 Series electromagnetic lock has been designed for this specific purpose. These anti-tamper locking systems have a discreet narrow profile so that the overall design of the space is not compromised. They deliver a superior holding force of up to 1000kg, whilst being 75% smaller than a standard 600kg electromagnetic lock. They come with inbuilt alarms as standard, that provides warning if an outside door has been left open.


Residential unit door furniture

Stylish and elegant


Interior finishes including door hardware plays an important role in complementing and tying in the entire Architectural design in apartment buildings. At Allegion, we appreciate the importance of matching door furniture to design themes, and have featured our Legge 6000 Series which combines style with performance and quality. Similar designs between common and residential areas in a multi-family property can help to create a stylish and sophisticated environment. We have developed door hardware finishes that match across product categories for a smooth transition between spaces. With a large selection of lever designs to choose from and various finish options, Legge 6000 Series is an affordable solution to match your door hardware with the surrounding environment.


Sliding doors

Contemporary or industrial look


The popularity of cavity sliding doors and modern sliding industrial (barn-style) doors are increasingly more popular in apartments, as they elevate the architectural design and functionality of the space. When designing a modern minimalistic apartment, Architects find it challenging to integrate sliding doors as the fixings tend to detract from the design. Allegion’s sliding door range, Brio has designed Zero Clearance sliding door hardware for glass and timber panels for modern apartments. With only 2.5mm gap between the top of the rail and the underside of the track, making fixings virtually invisible. For a more industrial look, Brio’s Open Rail solution highlights the bold hangers, which lets Open Rail make a real statement in industrial themed design. Open Rail is available in various finishes and shapes to match the design features of the surrounding environment.


Recent projects


Some of our recent projects include:

  • Breakfast Point
  • Discovery Point
  • Centrale
  • Wentworth Point


Why Allegion?


  • Long lifecycle and reliable security
  • Solutions and alternatives for various applications
  • Variety of credential and code compliance expertise
  • High-quality products that improve productivity and reduce maintenance costs
  • Innovative solutions backed by world-class service and support