Bellevue Hill House - Sydney, Australia



Product Used:

  • Brio Zero Clearance



Brio’s Zero Clearance was used in the renovation of a 1920’s Bungalow in Sydney, NSW to span an opening 6m wide with top hung sliding panels.  The project consisted of refurbishment and major alterations which included a new rooftop living space.  Remodelling of the second floor drastically changed the layout in order to include an impressive, open plan living area and a large balcony extension.  Recycled hardwood timber doors were hung using Brio’s Zero Clearance system which enables the panels to slide effortlessly to one side and reveal a breathtaking, unobstructed view.  This transformation has produced a large family home which is now flooded with light and has a chic beachside shack ambiance.


New to our Zero Clearance Timber and Glass range is our clip stop for 80kg panels.  The clip stop replaces the standard door stop and ensures panels are parked securely when not in use, removing any annoying roll back or movement.  Zero Clearance provides an almost invisible gap between the top of the panel and the ceiling which provides a striking, full height door.


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